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Making a leader out of John Boehner

4 Oct

imagesHe still can be. For the benefit of his legacy, his party and the country. He still can be a great leader if only he makes a decision and strikes a grand bargain with President Obama. Had he done this sooner, e.g. in 2011 – surely in defiance of a radical minority in his party- he would have been not only credited with solving major fiscal challenges that our country faces today but also freed himself of the agenda of the radicals that keeps him hostage – willingly or not- today. Arguably, a grand bargain with President Obama secures Boehner’s bipartisan leadership, marginalizes extremists in his own party that make Republicans unelectable in a long run and seals his legacy as a genuine reformer.  The sooner he strikes a major bargain with President Obama the better for the country, his leadership and …yes, the Republicans.


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