Civil Resistance in National Defense Against Hybrid Warfare & Disinformation






National Nonviolent Defense Against Aggressor-States

December 21, 2016

Webinar Summary:

Historically, nonviolent resistance has proven to be more effective than armed insurrections against domestic authoritarian regimes. The relevance and applicability of civil resistance to fighting violent regimes at home are by now indisputable.

This scholarly, policy and practitioner confidence has yet to translate into the opinion that civil resistance can also be relevant and applicable for effective national defense against an aggressor-state. This webinar  elaborates on a national nonviolent defense as a viable means to counter external, overt and covert (hybrid) aggression and foreign occupation.

More specifically, the webinar analyzes the results of recent national surveys from Poland and Ukraine that show surprisingly large social capital among respective populations for civil resistance in case of violent foreign intrusion. It also looks at selected historical cases of nonviolent defense used spontaneously by the attacked societies and current efforts by Lithuania to integrate civil resistance into its defense policies and preparedness.

These analyses shows how nonviolent resistance strategies can be relevant for developing viable and effective national defenses against violent aggressor-states.

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