Maxims on Civil Resistance part II

9 Oct
  • Nonviolent struggle is not sprint but marathon. The last thing we want is a burnt-out movement 10 years before ultimate victory.
  • During struggle, conflict within movement is as common as its resistance with regime. Mastery of coalition building is one step to victory.
  • Nonviolent resisters succeeded in the past because their deep down belief that failure was impossible.
  • In civil resistance solidarity is more important than heroism. It’s the primacy of strategy over emotions. Victory comes from the former not the latter.
  • Tyranny of structureless in a movement produces vacuum that reinforces anarchic forces in resistance.
  • People cannot be forced to join nonviolent movement. It is a voluntary collective experience that imparts pluralism before state becomes pluralistic.
  • Activists must avoid awesomeness problem when tactics feel so right but they are not necessarily strategic.
  • Governments make change? Institutions make change? People make change? Your choice will determine who you will join.
  • How many people would have abstained from terrorism had they learn about effectiveness of civil resistance earlier in their life?
  • Studying past nonviolent resistance is like an ancient wisdom that informs present understanding of conflict.
  • Movement is like a living organism. It’s born, experiences excitement of childhood, has ups & downs of adulthood & when passes away is reborn in yet another form.
  • Undemocratic systems are schizophrenic. Imprison but say people are free. Censor but say people can express themselves freely. Outlaw protest but say people can dissent.
  • If regime declares a state of emergency in order to violently disperse peaceful sit-ins it lays bare the scale of its own fear & defeat.
  • Revolutions happen when ordinary people decide to make them. Why then scholars look to regime & economy not people for clues to why people rebel?
  • Authoritarian country – it is where the people live the lie – and know about it – and the system keeps telling them it is a truth.
  • “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” B. Franklin. Good reason why protest seldom transforms into a political movement.

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